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Microsoft Teams Best Practices for Improving Workplace Productivity

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Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that combines chat, video and audio conferencing, file storage, and app integration in one shared workspace. Why should this matter to you? Improved collaboration means improved office productivity, and Teams is a tool that can help get you there.

In today’s digitally-driven work environment, the impact of technology on productivity is clear — and businesses that don’t leverage the best possible tools to get better work done faster are likely to fall behind the competition. With three out of four employees believing their employers don’t give them access to the latest technology needed to do their job efficiently, it’s time to consider how Microsoft Office productivity tools like Teams can make a change in your business.

By following these Microsoft Teams best practices, you can improve workplace productivity with secure cloud-based devices that enhance collaboration and mobility — all in one place. Here’s how.

Enhance Collaboration.

Microsoft Teams benefits your business by providing a secure place for all team members to create, collaborate, and make decisions as a cohesive unit. Having a hub for teamwork is a best practice for any organization, but it becomes especially vital in today’s modern workforce where remote work and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are increasingly common.

With built-in Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Teams makes it simple for employees to work better together on files with the ability to add suggestions and make edits simultaneously. With Microsoft Teams task management capabilities, files can be easily shared with decision-makers who can then edit and approve them with a few clicks rather than a lengthy email chain that can be easily missed. These Microsoft Teams best practices for collaboration drastically improve office productivity. When your employees aren’t wasting time searching for a file or working on an out-of-date version, they can focus on actually generating value for your business.

Connect With Cloud-Based Devices.

Microsoft Teams was designed to seamlessly integrate with Office 365 for Business and Microsoft Surface devices. Using Microsoft Surface devices with Office 365 and Teams software will cause your office productivity to skyrocket — even when your employees aren’t physically in the office. How? When Teams and Office 365 are integrated with Teams, these cloud-based services provide:

  • Automatic syncing that ensures your files are always in the most up-to-date version, no matter what device you’re accessing them from or where;
  • 10 GB of personal cloud storage for each user (and a shared 1 TB for the organization), which can be pulled up from any location or device; and
  • Cloud storage that syncs with the user’s PC or Mac, enabling offline access.

Additionally, the Microsoft Surface with LTE uses radio frequency communications, similar to that of how cellphones work, to connect to an LTE network tower. This allows remote employees using Microsoft Office productivity tools, such as the Surface Pro or Teams, to access the internet and any cloud-based apps needed for their work anywhere they can get a cell phone signal. The capabilities of Microsoft teams, especially when used on a cloud-based device like the Surface, enhances productivity and communication from any location or device.

Experience True Mobility.

The impact of technology on productivity is especially noticeable when it comes to mobility. In today’s digitally-driven world, it’s important that your employees are connected wherever they go. Gone are the days where every single employee in your business would be sitting in their desk from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day. Instead, modern employees often have a more flexible work schedule. Many will work partially or completely remotely, conduct business meetings off-site, or visit clients’ offices — and they still need to be able to access files, call in for meetings, and communicate with their coworkers while doing so.

One of the major Microsoft Teams benefits is the ability for employees to complete these types of tasks with unmatched mobility. By using Teams, especially on a Microsoft Surface device with LTE connection, efficient communication and access to the necessary files and apps is always available. Seeing as employees who believe their workplace effectively uses mobile tech are more creative, satisfied, and productive at work, this is key for business success.

Improve Security and Compliance.

Business productivity halts when you have to be worried about data security and compliance. When your employees have to jump through hoops to securely save and store files securely, it slows down processes and leaves less time for collaboration. Luckily, Microsoft Office productivity tools like Teams come equipped with security and compliance features to combat this drain on productivity, including:

  • Two-factor authentication in its two higher-level tiers (but not included in the free tier);
  • Data encryption, both at-rest and in-transit, regardless of tier, which keeps malicious actors from being able to interpret data if stolen;
  • Administrative controls in its paid tiers (but not free tier), including: auditing and reporting tools, enforced multi-factor authentication, content restriction options, bot setting controls, data storage policy controls, and the ability to turn Teams on or off for the whole organization; and
  • ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SSAE16 SOC 1 and SOC 2, HIPAA, and EU Model Clauses compliance.

Follow Microsoft Teams Best Practices With Protected Trust

If collaboration and mobility are areas where you feel your business currently has productivity gaps, Microsoft Teams can help you close them. By following the Microsoft Teams best practices we’ve outlined, you’ll be well on your way to increased efficiency.

At Protected Trust, we can help your business amplify the positive impact of technology on productivity. Our vision of a modern digital workplace is built on an ecosystem of Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft 365 platform, with the goal of simplifying technology while empowering people to communicate.

By leveraging the right Microsoft Office productivity tools for your needs, you can see increased productivity that drives revenue and a higher ROI. Are you ready to get started? Reach out to our team of experts today and schedule an introductory meeting!



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