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How to Automatically Backup your Work Files with OneDrive for Business

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In our previous article we spoke about OneDrive and OneDrive for Business that’s Microsoft’s data backup and sharing solution for your workplace. We explored how you can back up and access your work files from your phone with the same ease you do with your personal photos and videos.
In order for the OneDrive mobile app to display and access your work documents, you must first have documents backed up into your OneDrive cloud. This can easily be achieved if you have already downloaded and installed your Office 365 applications from https://portal.office.com. Of course, you can use OneDrive to manually place your documents in the cloud or you can use the automatic feature so that your desktop and your phone always stay in sync. This feature is called PC Folder Backup and it does exactly that.
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To turn on PC Folder Backup, right click on the OneDrive icon in your taskbar followed by settings. Once on the settings screen go to the Backup tab and click on Manage Backup. You can then select some or all options which include backing up folders and files on your desktop, your documents folder and your pictures folder. The sync time depends on how much data is stored in these locations, so it could take a few seconds to a few hours for everything to backup. With your data now backed up and syncing to the OneDrive cloud, you can access your data on the OneDrive mobile app as we previously discussed, but you can also access it from any computer with an internet connection. Just sign into portal.office.com and open OneDrive. You’ll be able to access and edit your documents just as if you were on your local work machine. To learn more how to protect your business, delight your users, and free up time for IT to focus on innovative projects that improve your core business.


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