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How the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Enhances Mobility and Collaboration

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The importance of business communication and collaboration is something that cannot be overstated. Being able to have remote workers collaborate effectively with employees in the office creates competitive advantages, such as being able to draw on a larger talent pool than what’s available near your office, improving work-life balance for employees (thus helping to attract and retain top talent), and enhancing employee performance when your team members are working abroad.

However, enabling the kind of business mobility that creates these benefits requires strong communication and collaboration tools. Without the right tools to enable effective business communication, collaboration between your teams will suffer. One such tool for empowering business mobility and collaboration is the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 family of products.

What is the Surface Hub, and how does it empower business communication and collaboration for your company? Here’s a quick explanation:

What is the Surface Hub 2?

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is the newest generation of the tech giant’s large-form office collaboration tools. It combines a large 4K display, hi-res cameras, wideband stereo speakers, a focused microphone array, and a modular design into one easy-to-move package. An optional Steelcase Roam rack and APC mobile battery make it easy to move the Surface Hub 2 from room to room in the office, while up to four separate video feeds can be displayed clearly to help give teleconferences a more personal touch that simple audio on a grainy speakerphone can’t match.

This device was built from the ground up to be compatible with Microsoft’s Office 365 and Teams software. It even uses the same 3:2 screen ratio that other Surface devices use, so presentations created on a Surface Go or Surface Pro will have a consistent appearance when displayed on the Surface Hub’s larger screen.

Check Out Microsoft’s Video Explaining the Capabilities of the Surface Hub 2S Here!

How Does the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Improve Mobile Business Collaboration?

So, how does a device with a 50” (or larger) screen improve business mobility? After all, when you think “business mobility,” odds are you think of small, easy-to-carry devices that remote workers can use with ease.

However, it’s important to remember that mobile business collaboration and communication is a two-way street. If the people in the office don’t have reliable and effective communication tools, it won’t matter if the people in the field or working from home do.

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 makes it easier for your team in the office and your people who are working remotely to collaborate by:

  • Providing High-Fidelity Videoconferencing. With a 4K display that can show up to four video feeds at once, a 4K camera for capturing images, and a large array of speakers and microphones, the Surface Hub 2 is the unparalleled master of bringing people into the room—even when they’re miles away.
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft’s Other Surface Devices. Thanks to using the same screen ratio and being designed for the same Microsoft Teams and Office 365 software as the rest of the Surface family of devices, sharing files and presentations between these devices and the Surface Hub is shockingly easy. This makes meetings with both remote workers and in-office employees simpler and easier.
  • Digital Whiteboard Functionality. The large touch screen of the Surface Hub 2 makes it perfect for use as a digital whiteboard during important meetings and presentations. Better yet, when screen sharing the whiteboard image to remote workers using other Surface devices, the fact that they all share the same 3:2 screen ratio with the Surface Hub ensures that any hand-drawn elements in the presentation will be consistent for your offsite employees.

With these business communication capabilities, your in-office team can collaborate more effectively with your remote workers. The fact that the optional Steelcase frame makes the Surface Hub 2 super-easy to move so multiple in-office teams can share it by moving it from room-to-room is just gravy.


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