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Meet Surface Hub 2S

Teamwork without boundaries

Sleek, slim design with the thinnest edge and bezel of any device in its class

A brilliant 4K+ screen, 4K camera, and enhanced speakers and mics

A great platform for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Next level brainstorming with Microsoft Whiteboard, a persistent digital canvas​


Sign in to access OneDrive files or project content wirelessly with Miracast

Interact naturally with Surface Hub 2 Pen and touch functionality

Fully integrated Windows 10 device— natively run must-have Microsoft and third-party apps

Experience mobile, cordless teamwork with Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stand and APC™ Charge Mobile Battery


Surface Hub 2S has not yet been authorized under U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules; actual sale and delivery is contingent on compliance with applicable FCC requirements.

Meet the Surface Hub 2S

Surface Hub 2S

The ultimate teaming device


Teamwork anywhere


Bring remote teams together


Fluid team collaboration

Teamwork anywhere

Empower teams to collaborate whenever and wherever their ideas strike. Surface Hub 2S is thin and lightweight, and enables mobile, cordless, uninterrupted teamwork. Turn any space into a teamwork space.


Teamwork anywhere

Move collaboration anywhere with Surface Hub 2S. At just 61.6 lbs. (28 kg), it’s 40% lighter than before.1

Experience mobile, cordless, uninterrupted team collaboration that moves with you with the Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stand and APC™ Charge Mobile Battery.2

Enhance any workspace with a sleek, modern design and thinnest edge and smallest bezels of any device in its class.3


Bring remote teams together

Be seen, be heard, and actively participate in the group discussion with best-in-class technology. Remote meetings and ad-hoc calls run seamlessly with Microsoft Teams1 or Skype for Business.1

Bring remote teams together

Engage remote teams with the Surface Hub 2 Camera, far-field mics, and crystal clear speakers.

Videos look clear and crisp on a brilliant, 4K+ screen with the highest resolution and best graphics performance in its class.

Run remote meetings and make ad-hoc calls seamlessly with Microsoft Teams3 or Skype for Business.

Fluid team collaboration

Everything you need at your fingertips. Interact naturally with Surface Hub 2 Pen and touch. Use Microsoft Whiteboard and leading industry apps to keep teams in their flow. Access and share content easily from one device.



Fluid team collaboration

Interact naturally with Surface Hub 2 Pen and touch, and ​ sign in to Surface Hub 2S to grab your OneDrive files or ​ project wirelessly with Miracast.

Take team brainstorms to the next level with ​ Microsoft Whiteboard, a persistent digital canvas that teams ​ can contribute to anytime, anywhere—across devices.

Use the apps you need—take advantage of native integration with Office 365,3 Edge, and leading third-party apps.

Surface Hub 2S accessories




Shop Hub 2 Pen

Surface Hub 2 Pen
Write fast and precise with the new Surface Hub 2 Pen. Enjoy a natural writing experience with highly responsive touch and inking capabilities.


Shop Hub 2 Camera

Surface Hub 2 Camera
See every detail in crystal clarity with the new Surface Hub 2 Camera. ​ With 4K resolution and wide angle lens, meetings come to life right before your eyes.​

Accessories designed for Surface Hub 2S

Developed in partnership to deliver mobile, unplugged, uninterrupted teamwork

Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stand*​

Steelcase Roam™ mobile stands free teams to collaborate anywhere.

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Steelcase Roam™ Wall Mount*​

Steelcase Roam™ wall mount is ultra thin and easy to install.

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APC™ Charge Mobile Battery* ​​

Designed to power Surface Hub 2S, the APC™ Charge lithium-ion battery system enables true mobility. Unplug without losing your team’s creative momentum.

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Surface Hub 2S technical specifications

Dimensions 29.2” x 43.2” x 3.0” (741 mm x 1097 mm x 76 mm)
Weight 61.6 lbs. (28 kg)
Resolution 3840 x 2560
Display PixelSense™ Display, 3:2 aspect ratio, 10-bit color, 15.5 mm border, anti-glare, IPS LCD
Compute Quad-core 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, 8GB RAM,  128GB SSD1

Intel® UHD 620


Wi-Fi 5 (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compatible)​

Bluetooth Wireless 4.1 technology​

Miracast Display



Mini-DisplayPort Video Output​

RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet​

HDMI Video Input​

USB-C™ with DisplayPort Input​

(4) USB-C™ (on display)



Doppler occupancy sensor​





Full range front facing 3-way stereo speakers​

Full band 8-element MEMS microphone array​

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Camera, 4K, USB-C™ connection, ​
90 degree HFOV

Pen Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Pen (active)

Windows 10​

Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub2​

Skype for Business2​

Microsoft Whiteboard​

Microsoft Office (Mobile)​

Microsoft Power BI2


Casing: Precision machined aluminum with mineral-composite resin​

Color: Platinum​

Physical Buttons: Power, Volume, Source

What’s in the box

(1) Surface Hub 2S​

(1) Surface Hub 2 Pen​

(1) Surface Hub 2 Camera​

3m AC Power Cable​

Quick Start Guide

Warranty 1-year limited hardware warranty


Surface Hub 2 Pen technical specifications


Dimensions 5.94” x 0.64” x 0.56” (151 mm x 16.3 mm x 14.3 mm)
Weight 0.09 lbs. (41 g)
Buttons Barrel button and tail eraser
Color Grey
Connector type Bluetooth 4.0

Surface Hub 2S​

Surface Book 21​

Surface Book​

Surface Studio 21​

Surface Studio1​

Surface Laptop​

Surface Go​

Surface Go with LTE Advanced​

Surface Pro 61​

Surface Pro (5th Gen)1

Surface Pro (5th Gen with LTE Advanced1​

Surface Pro 4​

Surface Pro 3​

Surface 3


Surface Hub 2 Camera technical specifications 


​​Dimensions 2.26” x 2.18” x 1.65” (57.5 mm x 55.3 mm x 42 mm)
Weight 0.19 lbs. (88.01 g)
Connection USB-C™ (with magnetic attach)
Resolution 4K
Field of View 90 degree HFOV
Imaging Features


Face based auto exposure​

Up to 30 frames per second


Microsoft Service Offerings for Surface Hub 2S

  Worldwide Hardware Warranty Worldwide Extended Hardware Service
Extended Hardware Service ​​NA
Accidental Damage  No
Coverage Duration 1Y 2Y and 3Y options; no 5Y option
Number of repairs At Microsoft discretion repair or replace 3
Number of replacements 1
Limit of liability Up to original purchase price
In Box Accessories
Standard Exchange
Advanced Exchange No As needed, through CSS
In Person Repair/Replace
Concierge NA Live online and video training
Software support 90 days Through coverage duration
Renewable NA No
Out of warranty paid offers
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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the major system components?

    There are two major “brains” in the system as described in the table below. Component Functionality

    Video board

    • Produces the image on the LCD display.
    • Provides an audio/video connection path to/from the compute module.
    • Provides video scaling to support external video sources.
    • Performs color correction and calibration.
    • Responsible for power management, including occupancy sensors and device power states.
    • Monitors and manages all thermal sensors throughout the device.
    • Performs internal diagnostics.
    • Captures diagnostics, error logs and telemetry for all components not connected to the compute module.
    • Controls the behavior of keypad buttons.
    • Provides an on-screen display for control of video source, brightness, and volume.

    Compute module

    • Connects to and controls all USB devices.
    • Provides videoboard interconnections for USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, PCIe.
    • Provides Ethernet access via wired and wireless interfaces.
    • Provides the on-screen audio/video content.
    • Ingests audio/video provided by external sources.
    • Allows video to be passed directly to the videoboard (bypassing the ingest process) for scenarios in which an external source is HDCP encrypted or is beyond the capability of the ingest subsystem.
    • Provides digital audio output for accessibility and room audio systems respectively (USB dongle support only).
  • What ports and physical buttons are on Hub 2S?

    Figures 1-4 depict the location of ports and physical buttons.

    Key Component Description & Parameters

    USB C

    USB 3.0 Port

    • Use as a walk-up port for plugging in peripherals such as thumb-drives. Guest ports are located on each side of the device (4).

    NOTE: This is the recommended port for connecting an external camera. Additional camera mount features are incorporated into the design to help support retention of attached cameras.

    NOTE: TouchBack and video ingest are not supported on these ports.

    Type C

    • 15 W Port (5V/3A)

    AC power

    100-240V input

    Connect to standard AC power and Surface Hub 2S will auto switch to the local power standard such as110 volts in the US and Canada or 220 volts in the UK.

    NOTE: When the AC cord is plugged in, the system remains in an off state in which only the system management controller (SMC), real time clock (RTC), and keypad are running.

    IEC 60320 C14

    DC power

    24V DC input port

    Use for connecting to mobile battery.

    Xbox1 Dual barrel to Anderson connector


    1000/100/10 BaseT

    Use for providing a continuous connection in a corporate environment and related scenarios requiring maximum stability or capacity.



    USB 3.0 Port

    Use as a walk-up port for plugging in peripherals such as thumb-drives.

    Type A

    7.5 W Port (5V/1.5A)


    USB 3.0 Port

    Use as a walk-up port for connecting external PCs and related devices or plugging in peripherals such as thumb-drives.

    NOTE: This is the recommended video input port, supporting both TouchBack and InkBack.

    Type C

    18 W Port (5V/3A, 9V/2A)

    HDMI in

    HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 /1.4

    Use for multiple scenarios including HDMI-to-HDMI guest input.

    Mini DisplayPort out

    DisplayPort 1.2 output

    Use for video-out scenarios such as mirroring the Surface Hub 2S display to a larger projector.


    Use to toggle among connected ingest sources — external PC, HDMI, and DisplayPort modes.


    Use +/- to adjust audio locally on the device.

    NOTE: When navigating to the brightness control, use +/- on the volume slider to control display brightness.


    Power device on/off.

    Use also to navigate display menus and select items.

  • Can I use any USB port for TouchBack?

    TouchBack functionality is only available via the USB-C port located at the bottom of the compute module.

  • I have multiple USB-A devices I want to attach to the Hub 2S. Can I use a USB-A Hub?


    Will this affect TouchBack function?


    Can I use a USB-C Hub?


    Will this affect my Connect sessions, using this same USB-C port?


  • My laptop does not have a USB-C port, can I use a USB-A to USB-C cable to send video to Hub 2S?

    No, but if the laptop has an HDMI port, you can use an HDMI-USB-C cable. You can also use HDMI to HDMI, MiniDP to HDMI or MiniDP to USB-C.

  • What devices can I connect via Bluetooth?

    • Mice
    • Keyboards
    • Headsets
    • Microphones
    • Speakers

    NOTE: After you connect a Bluetooth headset or speaker, you might need to change the default microphone and speaker settings. For more information, refer to Local management for Surface Hub settings.

  • Can I connect a Bluetooth speaker to the Hub 2S?


  • Can I connect a Bluetooth microphone to the Hub 2S?


  • Will Teams on Hub 2S support IM?

    No, but if you are logged on to the device, you can use available Windows store apps.

  • Is Hub 2S Teams certified?

    Hub 2S is pending certification.

  • Does Hub 2S support proximity-based meeting join as implemented in Microsoft Teams?

    Not currently.

  • Does Hub 2S support Autopilot?

    Not currently.

  • When will cloud recovery imaging be ready and what can we recommend at this time?

    Cloud recovery will be ready at GA release. Until then, the alternate recovery method is USB bare metal reset (BMR).

  • When will Hub 2S be TAA compliant?

    Compliance with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) is pending.

  • If another party is using Skype will Hub 2S support that?

    Yes, Hub 2S switches from Teams to Skype to accommodate this scenario.

  • Does Hub 2S Teams client support inviting all participants to Microsoft Whiteboard?


  • Is there a limit to how many people can collaborate on whiteboards?

    The Microsoft Whiteboard app does not impose a limit.

  • Is Windows Hello supported on Hub 2S?


  • Can only one person sign in at a time?


Differences from Hub 1

  • How does Hub 2S compare with the first-generation Surface Hub (Hub 1)?

    Surface Hub 55”


    • 31.75” x 59.62” x 3.38”
    • (806.4mm x 1514.3mm x 85.8mm)


    • 105 lbs. (48 kg)


    • 16:9 1920 x 1080 @ 120 Hz


    • 4th Gen Intel i5
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 128 GB SSD


    • Intel HD 4600


    • Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
    • Ethernet 1Gbps
    • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy
    • NFC reader
    • Miracast enabled


    • Two 1080p front-facing cameras
    • 100-degree horizontal field of view


    • 4-element microphone array
    • Two front-facing stereo speakers


    • Two powered, active pens
    • One wireless all-in-one keyboard


    • Two passive infrared presence sensors
    • Ambient light sensors

    Power saving feature

    • S3 Sleep


    • Four USB-A (Keyboard, Side, 2x Aux)
    • USB-B (TouchBack)
    • DisplayPort video input
    • HDMI video input
    • VGA + audio input (3.5mm)
    • DisplayPort video output
    • Audio output (
    • RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
    • Serial Port

    PEN battery/charging

    • Non-removable
    • Rechargeable via pen dock

    Multiple pen use

    • Three pens

    Pen dock

    • Located on each side of display

    Pen button and eraser

    • Active pen, no button, tail eraser

    Wireless keyboard

    • Keyboard included


    • Located in wings

    USB TouchBack port

    • USB-B

    Wired connect inputs

    • DisplayPort
    • HDMI
    • VGA +3.5 mm audio input jack

    Bypass mode via source selection

    • DisplayPort
    • HDMI
    • VGA

    Bypass mode TouchBack

    • Via USB-B connection

    DisplayPort output

    • Standard DisplayPort connection

    DisplayPort image (duplicate)

    • Always enabled
    • Image available when source is changed to DisplayPort, HDMI, or VGA

    Audio output

    • 3.5 mm audio jack

    Replacement PC Mode (disable internal PC)

    • Available via switch on videoboard

    Physical buttons

    • Power, volume, source, brightness

    Customer replaceable SSD

    • 128 GB 2.5” SATA SSD and sled

    Replaceable compute module

    • Requires removal from stand/wall and disassembly of device

    OS image recovery methods

    • Reset from OS (via settings)
    • Cloud recovery
    • Surface Hub recovery tool
    • Physical SSD replacement

    Room controller

    • Via serial port, via ASCII controls

    Remote Surface Hub management

    BIOS/UEFI access

    • Not available

    Mounting options

    • Wall
    • Rolling
    • Floor-supported
    • Wall stand

    AC power rocker (on/off switch)

    • Next to power inlet


    Surface Hub 2S


    • 29.2" x 43.2" x 3.0"
    • (741 mm x 1097 mm x 76 mm)


    • 61.6 lbs. (28 kg)


    • 3:2 3840 x 2560 @ 60 Hz


    • Quad-core 8th Generation Intel Core i5 processor
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 128 GB SSD


    • Intel UHD Graphics 620


    • Wi-Fi 5 (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
    • Ethernet 1Gbs
    • Bluetooth Wireless 4.1 technology
    • Miracast Display


    • One Surface Hub 2S Camera
    • 90-degree horizontal field of view 4K, USB-C connection
    • Anti-flicker, face-based auto exposure, up to 30 frames per second


    • Full band 8-element MEMS microphone array. (MEMS microphones respond equally to sounds coming from any direction.)
    • Full range front facing 3-way stereo speakers


    • One Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Pen (active)
    • One Surface Hub 2 Camera


    • Doppler occupancy sensor
    • Accelerometer
    • Gyroscope

    Power saving feature

    • Connected Standby


    • USB-A
    • Mini-DisplayPort video output
    • HDMI video input
    • USB-C with DisplayPort input
    • Four USB-C (on display)
    • RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet

    PEN battery/charging

    • Removable AAA battery
    • Customer replaceable

    Multiple pen use

    • One pen

    Pen dock

    • Pen uses magnetic attachment available on all 4 sides of bezel

    Pen button and eraser

    • Active pen, barrel button, tail eraser
    • Connector type – Bluetooth 4.0

    Wireless keyboard

    • Keyboard not included


    • Integrated into display

    USB TouchBack port

    • USB-C

    Wired connect inputs

    • HDMI+USB-C (for TouchBack)
    • USB-C (video, audio, TouchBack)

    Bypass mode via source selection

    • HDMI
    • DisplayPort (via USB-C connection)

    Bypass mode TouchBack

    • Not available

    DisplayPort output

    • Mini DisplayPort connection

    DisplayPort image (duplicate)

    • Use keyboard command: Win+P > Duplicate
    • No image available when source is changed to DisplayPort or HDMI

    Audio output

    • USB-A or USB-C (via adapter or external converter cables)

    Replacement PC Mode (disable internal PC)

    • Not available

    Physical buttons

    • Power, volume, source

    Customer replaceable SSD

    • 128 GB M.2 NVMe
    • Located within compute module
    • NOTE: NVMe is a protocol that lets data be read and written via PCI-E)

    Replaceable compute module

    • Removal from wall/stand not required
    • Cartridge design: single screw, removed from bottom of device

    OS image recovery methods

    • Reset from OS (via settings)
    • Cloud recovery tool
    • Bare metal reset
    • Physical M.2 replacement

    Room controller

    • None for Hub 2S (planned for future release).

    Remote Surface Hub management

    • Equivalent policy CSP support

    BIOS/UEFI access

    • Matches other Surface product UEFI access with the difference that Secure Boot cannot be disabled

    Mounting options

    • Wall
    • Mobile cart

    AC power rocker (on/off switch)

    • Not available. Must physically remove power plug
  • On Hub 1, the Connect App was limited to 1080p. Will this also be a constraint for Hub 2S?


  • The aspect ratio has changed, do the ISV apps have to be revisited?

    No, they should scale.

  • Does Hub 2S support Cortana in meetings?


  • Why is there no 3.5 mm audio in?

    This functionality is now supported using USB-A or USB-C (via adapters or converter cables).

  • Why is there no 3.5 mm audio out?

    This functionality is now supported using USB-A or USB-C (via adapters or converter cables).

  • Why is there no USB-B?

    This functionality is now supported using USB-A or USB-C.

  • Does Miracast support 4K video?


  • Why is there no VGA guest video input?

    This functionality is now supported using USB-C.


Setup & Maintenance

Managing Surface Hub

  • Can I manage Surface Hub 2S remotely?

    Surface Hub 2S allows IT admins to manage settings and policies using a mobile device management (MDM) provider, such as Microsoft Intune, System Center Configuration Manager, and other third-party providers. Additionally, admins can monitor Surface Hub 2S using the Azure cloud-based Microsoft Operations Management Suite. For more information, see Manage settings with an MDM provider or search for Surface Hub 2S Admin Guide.

Power Management


  • What motion detector capabilities are included?

    Surface Hub 2S ships with occupancy sensor via a custom Doppler radio running at 9.45 GHz, 10.525 GHz, or 10.585 GHz (variable depending on region). It’s primarily designed to wake up the system when entering a conference room.

Third Party Accessories

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