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The 3 Best Microsoft Teamwork Tools

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Every business can benefit from effective teamwork. Teams that can collaborate efficiently and consistently are more likely to complete tasks on time and make meaningful contributions to the success of the business as a whole.

To facilitate business communication and collaboration, companies need effective teamwork tools to help their employees work better together—especially in modern workplaces where many employees may be working remotely rather than in the office.

Here are three key Microsoft teamwork tools that can help transform your business into a more effective environment for collaboration:

Microsoft Teams App


Teams is Microsoft’s dedicated teamwork tool for businesses to help their team members collaborate more effectively. Microsoft Teams collaboration software allows employees to create custom team chat channels, edit Office 365 documents together online, and even set up and conduct videoconferences from their computer or smartphone.

With Teams, you can create “Group flow,” or the state where your teams achieve peak performance by giving your people a place to chat, meet, and share files—regardless of whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

Check out the Microsoft Teams collaboration study for more details about how you can leverage Microsoft teamwork tools to improve productivity and creativity in your company!

Microsoft Surface Devices


Microsoft’s Surface family of devices are built from the ground up to work with Teams and Office 365 to provide the perfect platform for improving teamwork and business communication.

In particular, the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Go with LTE can be invaluable teamwork tools for remote workers. With their LTE connectivity, these Microsoft Surface collaboration devices can maximize your enterprise mobility with secure connections from virtually anywhere they can get a cell phone signal.

Every Microsoft Surface collaboration tool is built with the requirements of Office 365 and Teams in mind, creating an optimized platform for enabling secure and efficient business communication and teamwork.

For example, the Surface Hub 2 is an in-office teamwork tool that can be used as a large-scale digital whiteboard for in-office meetings, display up to four simultaneous video feeds for teleconferenced presentations, and employs an array of microphones and speakers to maximize audio quality so everyone can understand what’s being said during videoconferences.

Office 365 Features


Office 365 takes the traditional suite of Microsoft Office tools and makes them more convenient and collaborative than ever. With the subscription software comes free and instantaneous updates to the software each time a new feature is released—ensuring that all of your employees always have the latest version of Office.

Compare this to the old method of buying each new year’s Office version as it came out, which would leave employees using incompatible versions of the software so documents had to be converted (and then have their formatting checked) each time an employee with Office 2009 wanted to edit a file from someone with Office 2013 (and vice versa).

One of the biggest benefits of the new Office 365 features is the ability to put Office 365 files into Microsoft Teams and edit them live with another team member in real time. Instead of having to send edited documents back and forth repeatedly, two (or more) team members can edit the document live and leave comments or notes for one another without having to wait for someone to email the latest version of their edits. This can save an enormous amount of time (and headaches) for your team members while making their collaboration more effective than ever!

Curious about how you can leverage Microsoft teamwork tools like Surface, Teams, and Office 365 for your organization? Get in touch with Protected Trust today to learn more.



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