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The Surface Go is the Promise of The Cloud Fulfilled   "The Cloud” has been making promises to me for a long time. A concept that debuted before it was ready, the term “The Cloud” was coined in 2006 and promised that my files would be easily access from any device anywhere. The specific...

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Dial for Microsoft Surface is Effective Simplicity

If there is one car trend I hate more than everything turning into a crossover, is the loss of nobs from stereos. If I’m adjusting the AC, tuning the radio or changing volume, ONLY a knob will do. Buttons and touchscreen sliders just can’t replace the brutal...

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Using Microsoft Teams in a Law Office

Maybe you’ve heard of Microsoft Teams, or perhaps you haven’t. I could spend a few paragraphs introducing you to Teams, but I won’t. If you want a Teams introduction, read this short overview of basic features.   Let’s begin setting it up for a law firm.   One: Create...

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