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Why You Need Microsoft and LTE Advanced for Business

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Surface_Go_tabletIn today’s interconnected and digitally-driven world, being able to effectively get the job done from any location isn’t just an added bonus. Instead, it has become a vital component of achieving business success.

That’s why Microsoft designed their Pro and Go Surface devices to seamlessly pair with LTE advanced for business—creating a tool even your mobile employees can consistently rely on.

Why do you need LTE Advanced for business connected to the Microsoft Surface Pro or Go devices your employees use to do their jobs? Here are three major reasons.

Reason #1 You Need LTE Advanced for Business: To Experience Unmatched Mobility

“Business mobility” is when employees are effectively able to do the work that their job requires of them without having to be in a traditional office setting. This is especially relevant in today’s modern workforce where more employers are adopting “work from wherever” policies. Unfortunately, whether “wherever” means an employee’s home or favorite coffee shop, a client’s office, or the airport before a big business trip, it doesn’t always mean that a strong and secure Wi-Fi connection is available.

That’s why Microsoft created their family of Surface devices with the solution to this problem in mind. Microsoft and LTE go hand in hand on devices such as the Microsoft Surface Pro LTE and Surface Go with LTE. So, how does LTE advanced work?

By using radio frequency communications in a similar way that cellphones do, Microsoft Surface devices with LTE advanced for business are able to connect to an LTE network tower. This allows remote employees to access the internet and any cloud-based apps from anywhere they would be able to get a cell phone signal.

Reason #2 You Need LTE Advanced for Business: To Stop Relying on Expensive Hotspots

Most devices need a stable high-speed internet connection to access files, search on web browsers, and use apps. Without it, an employee can’t access the tools they need to do their job, meaning productivity and efficiency decrease while frustration and down time increase. This is yet another hurdle to business mobility that has only been amplified with the rise of remote working.

When trying to work remotely with a non-LTE device, users will often rely on their smartphone’s mobile hotspot. This requires the employee to carefully monitor their internet use since it can increase the risk of data breaches, especially if they’re connecting to hotspots in a public place. Additionally, most phone plans have a monthly hotspot data limit, and going over it means they’re likely to accrue penalties.

If your employees are responsible for paying their own phone bills, they can easily become frustrated that they’re having to personally take on additional fees to get basic job functions done. If your organization is footing the bill, it means higher costs for you (even though productivity is being slowed down). However, if they’re using Surface devices equipped with LTE advanced for business, the need to rely on a cell phone’s mobile hotspot disappears.

Reason #3 You Need LTE Advanced for Business: To Enhance Your Data Security and Privacy

Business mobility is a huge advantage, but it does result in some additional considerations when it comes to data security and privacy. Many remote employees who do not have an LTE-capable device are forced to rely on unsecured Wi-Fi networks simply because that is the only thing available to them.

This exposes your business to risk, as employees can easily be tricked into joining malicious networks posing as legitimate public ones. Referred to as “man-in-the-middle” (MITM) attacks, these fake networks trick users into unknowingly routing their data through the attacker’s system. Their data would then be copied before being forwarded to the actual Wi-Fi network, meaning the hacker now has all of your confidential data at their fingertips—and the employee would never even know it has been compromised.

Using a Microsoft Surface with LTE advanced for business makes it possible to avoid these dangerous “man-in-the-middle” attacks in two ways. One way is by skipping the need to connect to public Wi-Fi networks entirely. A hacker can’t hijack a connection between a remote employee and the local Wi-Fi router if they aren’t even connected to it in the first place.

The second way is through data encryption. If your employees are using Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools such as Teams, their data will be encrypted (both at-rest and in-transit). This means that even if a hacker does manage to steal it, it will be difficult and time-consuming to interpret it. They will likely get frustrated, abandon your data, and move on to a user that does not have such robot security features safeguarding their information.


Are you looking to make the push towards becoming a more mobile business? LTE advanced for business can be your key to success. Schedule an introduction with one of Protected Trust’s experts today and learn how we can set your employees up to achieve their greatest potential from anywhere on the planet.


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