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Why We Provide Clients with Tailored Solutions

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I recently sat down with Bill Sands of the Protected Trust team and talked about what it is that clients need from their computing devices and software. What do they need so that they can achieve an “ideal state” for profitability and productivity?

Treating Clients Like Family

At the start of the video, Bill talks a bit about a recent interaction he had with a client who just so happened to be his cousin. Because it was a family member, one that he was close to, Bill wanted to provide the best possible service and value. While Bill is determined to treat all of his clients as friends, and to make sure that they have the right tools, this was an especially important client to Bill.

Bill went on to explain what his cousin’s needs were, and how things went:

“He just called me and he said: ‘Man, I just need to update my computer stuff’ and he’s not really technical. So, he didn’t really know where he was trying to go—he couldn’t even really tell me where he was. But… he knew what he wanted to accomplish… It’s not about the bits and the bytes, it’s about what are you going to do with it and why you’re going to do it.”

Taking this attitude and applying it to every client is one of Protected Trust’s primary goals. It’s part of what motivates us to provide the best solutions for the client’s needs, not just the most expedient ones.

Different Clients Have Different Needs

Not every company has the same IT needs—simply buying a new computer may be good for one business, but not another. That company may need a specific type of computer for improved enterprise mobility or to perform 3D modeling. Additional IT support may be required to help manage the new devices or troubleshoot specific software/hardware issues.

Some companies may have the internal resources to tackle these challenges, while others might not. As Sean points out in the video:

“Typically… larger organizations will have an in-house IT staff that will make sure that all the different pieces [and] parts are spoken for from a productivity and a security point of view… The other clients we see either have an outsourced IT person like a consultant… and then we have some clients who come to us and ask us to do everything.”

In the case of Bill’s cousin, there was not a real IT department to go to—he was running his own shop. There wasn’t a department in his organization that he could turn to that would manage things for him. So, he needed a bit more support than a simple, cheap “quick fix” solution could provide.

Going above the Bare Minimum

It would have been relatively simple to solve the client’s immediate problems without spending much time, effort, or money. As Bill points out:

“To solve his immediate problem was: ‘yeah, I get your email to where you can get to it from any device, and I can get your files where you can access them from your phone or your computer.’ And that’s pretty low cost of entry. But then, I started thinking ‘Well, if we turn all that stuff on, and we get him a new Surface computer, who is gonna make sure that A) everything’s installed properly and configured properly both from a productivity point of view; B) who’s gonna make sure they get trained on the products; and C) who’s gonna stay on top of it on an ongoing basis?”

Sure, a quick fix of selling Bill’s cousin a Surface computer and Office 365 could have solved some short-term challenges, but it was important to consider how to best serve his long-term needs. By going above and beyond the most basic immediate needs, Bill was able to provide his cousin with the right tools and resources to modernize his workplace and improve performance in the long term.

Be sure to watch the video to get the whole story. If you have any questions about how Protected Trust determines what IT solutions are the most economical and beneficial, be sure to schedule a meeting with our team!



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