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Announcing Two-Minute Tuesdays

  Do you know about Two-Minute Tuesdays?  You may be familiar with the fact that we do a livestream every week and those livestreams are recapped here in our blog.  However, each livestream runs between 15 to 30 minutes and not everyone may have that kind of time. ...

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Discovering eDiscovery and Data Governance in Office 365

Office 365 has opened up new and exciting ways for people to communicate with one another and we are no longer bound by the traditional communication method of email.  With things like sharing documents in OneDrive or SharePoint, to using messaging programs like Skype...

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Versioning Finally Explained

One of the most talked about features in Office 365 is the ability to coauthor a document with another user (or multiple users) and seeing the changes made in real time.  If you've never seen coauthoring before or even heard about, don't worry, we will do a post on it...

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