Custom backgrounds in meetings

Custom Backgrounds Now a Standard Feature in Microsoft Teams

Two months ago we created a video to show you a trick on how to add custom backgrounds in your Microsoft Teams video calls, because …

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Enable video audio in your Microsoft Teams meetings

If you’ve ever tried to present a video in Microsoft Teams only to have the audience report they are unable to hear the audio, no …

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Don’t Press pause on collaboration, start an Ad Hoc meeting instead

Any sports fan will tell you the importance of momentum in leading your favorite team to victory. If you’ve ever uttered the phrase “let’s get …

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Raise your hand for better meetings

Why are productive meetings so few and far between? In fact, meetings have become the butt of many jokes, mainly on the assumption that they …

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Best Aussie Bistros

Increased remote work after COVID-19, despite concerns

A Pulse Secure report found that the majority (84%) of U.S. organizations expect a broader and more permanent remote work adoption after the coronavirus pandemic …

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What is your company’s Security Score?

Have you ever wished that you could have a digital security expert at your fingertips to review and personally walk you through improving the security …

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