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Email in Teams

As a new intern, working for a company that specializes in technology and software, I have had the privilege of learning how to operate and use cutting-edge computer software, specifically Office 365. At first glance Office 365 may seem daunting, as it has many...

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A New Way to Collaborate with Microsoft Teams

By Courtney Laws Over the past few years, the way people work has changed quite a bit. For the first time, we now have members of five different generations together in the workplace. More people are working remotely than ever before and workers are participating in...

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Vermont Sees Bright Future for Working Remotely

Vermont is offering $10,000 grants to cover moving expenses for those who want to move to Vermont to work remotely. Vermont's population is aging fast. As a former resident I can tell you there are some pretty good reason. Unless you want to work in hospitality or...

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Utilize the Teams Mobile App

  In this episode of How to Office 365, we take a look at the Teams mobile app.  With the mobile app, staying in touch with your coworkers and accessing shared files is easier than ever.  The days of lugging around your laptop when you are away from the office are...

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