Professional Email Encryption Made Easy

We understand how difficult it can be, but we are here to help you get your communication secure and compliant. Last year we secured more than 2.5 million email records for our associates, creating trust and avoiding harsh penalties and reputation damage.

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Email Patients

Protected Trust offers several ways to control the content and delivery of your message, making patient communication worry-free.

  • Recipient ID Verification
  • Revoke Any Message
  • Set Messages to Expire

Send X-rays and PHI

Simple email encryption in just a few easy steps.

  • Keep Your Email Address
  • Send Emails Directly from Many EMR’s
  • Set up in Minutes

HIPAA Compliance

We take the stress out of HIPAA-compliant email while seamlessly integrating into your organization’s workflow.

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Take Control of Your Secure Email

Full message auditing capabilities, true delivery notifications, message expiration and recall protected messages:

  • Recipient Notification – Protected Trust lets the sender know when the protected message is received and opened
  • Revoke a Message  – Revoke an email message at any time before the sender opens it
  • Message Expiration – Senders can specify a life span for the delivery and opening of a message reducing risks of data loss
  • No Registration for Recipients – You can choose to require or not your recipients to register their account to be able to open messages

Easy Access with Multiple Apps

Access your compliant email from multiple platform applications:

  • Web Portal – Access from any device, anywhere, any time using an Internet connection
  • Add-in for Microsoft Outlook – Compatible with 2010, 2013, and 2016 versions
  • Mobile App for iPhone and iPad – Fingerprint-secure access to your encrypted emails via our Touch ID-enabled Apps
  • EHR and App-Integration – Send secure emails directly from your existing EHR, or any Windows application, by printing to our Virtual Printer Driver app or by sending through Microsoft Outlook

Send Secure Large Files Attachments

Eliminate the file size barriers of traditional email and send large attachments seamlessly:

  • Protected Trust easily handles large files and attachments including large images. There’s no need to break messages into many parts to satisfy file size limits
  • Send large attachments, such: X-Rays, Laboratory results, Contracts, Videos and much more

*Paid add-on per user account

Easily Verify Every Recipient

Each recipient must prove their identity (before opening your encrypted email) using our multiple ID verification methods:

  • User’s credentials – After a simple one-time verification, our servers automatically grant that recipient access to future emails
  • Phone verification – Avoid the hassle of registering recipients with a feature as familiar as one’s cell phone
  • Shared secret – Common phrase or number combinations established between the sender and recipient

Verify the recipient’s identity with either a text message or an automated phone call

Ready for Enterprise

As an administrator of a large organization, you need great tools. Protected Trust’s enterprise features are built to keep the lives of you and your users productive, while staying compliant with governing regulations.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – Automatically authenticate users with Active Directory or any SAML 2.0 compatible identity provider
  • Journaling & Archiving – Journal encrypted messages to your existing email archive service, or let us manage it for you
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – Automatically encrypt messages that contain sensitive information
  • Directory Sync – Automatically keep your Protected Trust user accounts in sync with Active Directory
  • Distribution Lists – Seamlessly integrate with your existing DL’s in Microsoft Exchange

If It Prints, It Encrypts

Encrypting and emailing a document shouldn’t be complicated. Protected Trust makes it simple and easy:

  • Our Secure Virtual Printer application lets you encrypt and send any document from a Windows Application
  • Save time and send secure attachments directly from your Office, EMR, EHR software and much more
  • Protected Trust converts the file to a PDF and sends it as an attachment through Protected Trust’s secure email