Our Focus is Your Compliance

HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA as well as other laws applicable to nonprofit organizations can be complicated. Some of the complications are because nonprofit organizations can be created and organized in different ways making security and compliance critical issues.

Many nonprofits worry just how protected they are and how they can meet compliance regulations but, it’s rare for a nonprofit to have a compliance manager. If your nonprofit is in a medical or retail-related field and must conform to regulations, make sure your cloud service provider is compliant and certified where appropriate.

Experience & Flexibility

The flexibility to work wherever and whenever and having professionals you can rely on for technology support are just some of the benefits of managed services. Our extensive experience will give you the insight you need to operate more effectively and make the most of the tools and systems you have.

Compliance Regulations

As a nonprofit organization, you must adhere to financial guidelines and restrictions, but at the same time, maintain cash reserves in order to survive and thrive. Protected Trust ensures compliance and governance through policy development and ongoing assessment of their security for possible audits.

Limited Budgets

Nonprofits face an especially challenging situation: the need for compliance without dedicated I.T. staff. TrustCare managed I.T. saves you money by proactive addressing issues before they cost you valuable time.

Why Protected Trust

Protected Trust’s managed I.T. services uses the right combination of professionals, tools, and infrastructure so that your nonprofit will receive the perfect solution to better manage your I.T. challenges and achieve further success. With our services, your organization gains responsive, reliable I.T. solutions that are scalable to accommodate future growth.

Industry-leading Expertise

Immediate access to fully trained and certified engineers.

Reasonable, Predictable Monthly Cost

In addition to your extra savings from our nonprofit discounts, economies of scale enable Protected Trust to offer these services more cost-effectively.

Nonstop Coverage

Around-the-clock coverage of your I.T. environment.

Reliable and Compliant and Secure Service

Protected Trust’s Managed Services comply with key operations and information security mandates.

By distributing the common costs of our experienced team and specialized applications across many customers, Protected Trust saves you the costs of performing these tasks in-house. With our services, your organization gains responsive, reliable IT solutions that are scalable to accommodate future growth.