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Learn what you need to know to work in a new way with Microsoft Teams.

With Teams, you get a new ways to work for yourself and as a team. Your familiar Microsoft Office apps, along with OneDrive give you a new way to access your files from anywhere or edit documents live with co-workers.

And with Teams you and your team can create and communicate ideas from a single place. You can instantly chat with colleagues, have face-to-face meetings, and share digital whiteboards.

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Course Introduction
Getting Started - Download and Install

There are three basic ways to access Microsoft Teams:

  • Download and install the full version for computers
  • Access the browser version of Teams
  • Download the mobile app

Each of these versions of the Teams software have their own pros and cons.

Teams Chat

Starting a Chat & Adding People to a Chat

The chat portion of Teams allows remote workers and office employees to communicate easily and organize their efforts more efficiently. Users can simply click on the Chat tab, then click on the pen and paper logo to the left of the search bar. Click on the Add People button to create a new group chat consisting of the people you want to talk with.

Adding Flair - Emojis, Gifs, and Reactions

Microsoft Teams has a couple of ways to insert emojis into a conversation:

  • Type a colon “:” followed by the name of the emoji with another colon to close “:smile:”
  • Click on the smiley face icon in the bottom of the chat panel to select an emoji

Saving and Accessing Saved Messages

Click on the ellipses icon above a chat message to “save” a message for future reference.

Edit and Delete Messages

Edit or delete your messages in Teams to correct mistakes with ease.

Working with Teams

Create a Team & Invite Users

Set up a team to encourage collaboration — Simply go to the Teams tab, click on the Join or Create a Team option at the bottom of the team list column, and click on the Create Team option that appears.

Change a Team Name

Simply click on the ellipses menu next to the team name in the Teams tab and select Edit Team.

Team Member Permission: Add, Remove, & Change

Change team member permissions by adding, removing and updating preferences.

Create & Edit Teams Channels

By default, every newly-created team has a “General” channel, but say you want to make one channel for fun or silly things that aren’t business-relevant, and one for more productivity-oriented content. Click on the ellipses menu next to the team name, then select the Add Channel option.

Files in Teams Channels

Simply upload a file to your Teams channel so everyone can find it easily. For Office 365 software suite files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), members of the team will be able to open the file and work on it collaboratively as well.

Upload & View Files in Teams Channels

No Description

Arrange & Hide Teams

Arrange and hide teams channels as needed.

Teams Notifications

Users can turn on banner and feed notifications in the Teams software so they can keep apprised of new comments in specific Teams channels.

Delete a Team

No longer need a specific team? Delete as needed.

Teams Meetings

Teams Meetings: Introduction

In Microsoft Teams, there are two ways to create a meeting:

  • Ad Hoc Meetings
  • Scheduled Meetings

Ad Hoc Meetings

Discuss something "right now" by creating an ad hoc meeting. You can start these meetings easily by clicking on either the Video Call or Phone Call buttons.

Schedule Meetings

Set up a meeting in advance and invite one or more people to join you in that meeting. Many users prefer to use the Microsoft Outlook app to set up meetings in Teams.

Join a Meeting

To join an existing meeting, click on the meeting name in the Calendar tab, and then select Join.

Meetings Feature: Screen Sharing

If you’re making a presentation during a Teams meeting, you may want to share your screen so others can see what you’re talking about.

Teams Calls

Teams Calls: Introduction

Receiving a Call

Dialing Out

Parking & Transferring Calls

Teams Voicemail

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