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Surface Hub 2S

Teamwork without boundries
Meet Surface Hub 2S
Teamwork without boundaries

Sleek, slim design with the thinnest edge and bezel of any device in its class

A brilliant 4K+ screen, 4K camera, and enhanced speakers and mics

A great platform for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Next level brainstorming with Microsoft Whiteboard, a persistent digital canvas​

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Sign in to access OneDrive files or project content wirelessly with Miracast

Interact naturally with Surface Hub 2 Pen and touch functionality

Fully integrated Windows 10 device— natively run must-have Microsoft and third-party apps

Experience mobile, cordless teamwork with Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stand and APC™ Charge Mobile Battery


Surface Hub 2S has not yet been authorized under U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules; actual sale and delivery is contingent on compliance with applicable FCC requirements.

Meet the Surface Hub 2S
Surface Hub 2S
The ultimate teaming device

Teamwork anywhere


Bring remote teams together


Fluid team collaboration

Teamwork anywhere

Empower teams to collaborate whenever and wherever their ideas strike. Surface Hub 2S is thin and lightweight, and enables mobile, cordless, uninterrupted teamwork. Turn any space into a teamwork space.
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Teamwork anywhere

Move collaboration anywhere with Surface Hub 2S. At just 61.6 lbs. (28 kg), it’s 40% lighter than before.1

Experience mobile, cordless, uninterrupted team collaboration that moves with you with the Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stand and APC™ Charge Mobile Battery.2

Enhance any workspace with a sleek, modern design and thinnest edge and smallest bezels of any device in its class.3

Bring remote teams together

Be seen, be heard, and actively participate in the group discussion with best-in-class technology. Remote meetings and ad-hoc calls run seamlessly with Microsoft Teams1 or Skype for Business.1
bring remote

Bring remote teams together

Engage remote teams with the Surface Hub 2 Camera, far-field mics, and crystal clear speakers.

Videos look clear and crisp on a brilliant, 4K+ screen with the highest resolution and best graphics performance in its class.

Run remote meetings and make ad-hoc calls seamlessly with Microsoft Teams3 or Skype for Business.

Fluid team collaboration

Everything you need at your fingertips. Interact naturally with Surface Hub 2 Pen and touch. Use Microsoft Whiteboard and leading industry apps to keep teams in their flow. Access and share content easily from one device.
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fluid team

Fluid team collaboration

Interact naturally with Surface Hub 2 Pen and touch, and ​ sign in to Surface Hub 2S to grab your OneDrive files or ​ project wirelessly with Miracast.

Take team brainstorms to the next level with ​ Microsoft Whiteboard, a persistent digital canvas that teams ​ can contribute to anytime, anywhere—across devices.

Use the apps you need—take advantage of native integration with Office 365,3 Edge, and leading third-party apps.

Surface Hub 2S accessories
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Surface Hub 2 Pen
Write fast and precise with the new Surface Hub 2 Pen. Enjoy a natural writing experience with highly responsive touch and inking capabilities.
Surface Hub 2 Camera
See every detail in crystal clarity with the new Surface Hub 2 Camera. ​ With 4K resolution and wide angle lens, meetings come to life right before your eyes.​
Accessories designed for Surface Hub 2S
Developed in partnership to deliver mobile, unplugged, uninterrupted teamwork

Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stand*​ www.steelcase.com/roam

Steelcase Roam™ mobile stands free teams to collaborate anywhere.


Steelcase Roam™ Wall Mount*​ www.steelcase.com/roam

Steelcase Roam™ wall mount is ultra thin and easy to install.

APC™ Charge Mobile Battery* ​ www.apc.com​

Designed to power Surface Hub 2S, the APC™ Charge lithium-ion battery system enables true mobility. Unplug without losing your team’s creative momentum.
Surface Hub 2S technical specifications

Surface Hub 2 Pen technical specifications

Surface Hub 2 Camera technical specifications

Microsoft Service Offerings for Surface Hub 2S


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