[vsc-section-title align=”inherit” size=”big” title=”Remote Desktop Assistance”]Protected Trust support services provides real time remote desktop assistance to share your computer screen and help troubleshoot technical issues.[/vsc-section-title]


  1. If you received a download link from a Customer Service Representative, open your browser Downloads (CTRL-J) and double-click the Bomgar Client.
  2. You can also download the Bomgar Client by entering a session key provided by a Customer Service Representative.
  3. If you have a personal firewall, always allow any connection attempts the software may make.

Session Key

Connection Issues

If you have problems connecting, no one answers after a few minutes, or you’re outside of the session period, please reply to your original support case for additional assistance.

Contact Support

Call Support Departments


Phone 800.876.1422

Fax 866.853.1992