Changelog – Email Encryption

June 2017

Windows Client ( Added “Perform network diagnostics” to support tab to aid in troubleshooting network connectivity issues.

Outlook add-in ( & Improved handling when a trial or free limits are reached.

Outlook add-in ( & Support for future removal of the .prot encrypted attachment.

Outlook add-in ( & Improved handling when a trial or free limits are reached.

April 2017

Windows Client ( Installation now includes the Outlook Add-in, Secure Print Driver, shortcut menu in Windows task tray, and can optionally become the default Windows mail client (using MAPI).

November 2016

Outlook add-in ( A proper message is displayed when attempting to send an Office 365 cloud attachment.

Outlook add-in ( Fixed an issue where forwarded attachments could sometimes disappear.

Outlook add-in ( Fixed an issue where some protected messages would not decrypt in the Outlook preview pane.

SMTP Made API and SMTP relay access available to all business account users.

SMTP Increased max message size for the SMTP relay to 50MB.


October 2016

Outlook add-in ( Added support to use the FIPS 140-2 validated encryption libraries included with Windows.


September 2016

Web app Outlook add-in Fixed line-spacing issues when printing or viewing messages written from Outlook.

Outlook add-in ( Fixed an issue where the “From” field appears blank when viewing the Sent folder in column view.

Outlook add-in ( Fixed an issue when sending to external contacts in the Global Address Book in a shared Exchange environment.

Outlook add-in ( Fixed two UI/XML errors when Outlook starts, if “Show add-in user interface errors” option is turned on.

Outlook add-in ( Improved reliability of inline images when replying and forwarding.

Outlook add-in ( Fixed an issue where an attachment could get lost when sending a protected message in Outlook 2010, specifically in version


 August 2016

Core Added support for single sign-on (SSO) with Office 365.


July 2016

Web app Fixed an issue where double-clicking the Send button sends two messages.

Web app Moved web application URL to

Web app Organization administrators can now send a password reset email to their users.

Outlook add-in ( Added support for forward slash (/) in email addresses.

Web app Fixed issue when downloading large file attachments.


June 2016

SMTP Added support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2

SMTP Added support for forward slash (/) in email addresses.

SMTP Fixed a MIME-decoding compatilibility issue with QuickCeph.

SMTP Added support for custom notification text.

SMTP Added ability to specify a custom message policy.


May 2016

Core Added support for long top-level domain names, such as .dentist.

Web app Outlook add-in Fixed a layout issue when replying to or forwarding messages with bulleted or numbered lists.


April 2016

Web app Outlook add-in Fixed a layout issue when printing messages with bulletted or numbered lists.

Outlook add-in ( Fix for an issue resolving some recipients.


March 2016

Outlook add-in ( Fix for an issue where Outlook sometimes hangs while starting up after you’ve just changed your Windows or email password.

Outlook add-in ( Fix for an RPC server error when a third party application sends unencrypted emails using Outlook’s COM API.


February 2016

Web app Added an address book so you can find and manage contacts more easily.

SMTP Fixed a compatiblity issue with the AUTH PLAIN command.

Outlook add-in ( Added support for Outlook 2016 (Windows).

Outlook add-in ( Fixed issue when other applictions are using the Outlook COM API.


December 2015

Core Added support for single sign-on using Google Apps.

Core Added SAML federation metadata auto refresh.

Outlook add-in ( Added support to use FIPS-certified encryption libraries.


October 2015

Web app Fixed layout issue on print message view.


September 2015

Outlook add-in ( Fix for delayed/lagging spell-check and keyboard response in compose window.

Web app Added button to download all attachments as a .zip file.


June 2015

Web app Added the ability to select a message policy when composing a message.

Web app Added ability to move messages to “Deleted” folder.

Outlook add-in ( Fix for incompatibility issue when using ShoreWare/ShoreTel Voicemail.

Outlook add-in ( Fix for “an error occurred while saving it in your sent folder” and using an IMAP account with the setting “Do not save copies of sent items” option unchecked.

Outlook add-in ( Fix when sending a message created by a third-party application from a non-default POP3 account.

Outlook add-in ( Fix for sent items showing in Inbox when using Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook add-in ( When a protected reply/forward is sent, the icon on the original message is updated to reflect that last action.

Outlook add-in ( New option for requiring protection for messages sent from other applications such as EHR’s.

Outlook add-in ( Fixed issue when forwarding attachments.

Outlook add-in ( When forwarding large file attachments, the file does not need to be downloaded & re-uploaded.

Outlook add-in ( Removed support for Microsoft Outlook 2003. Older versions of the add-in may still be used with Outlook 2003.


April 2015

Outlook add-in ( Fixed issue with inline images in replies/forwards.


January 2015

Core Ability to synchronize with Active Directory.

Core Support for distribution lists when synchronizing with Active Directory.

Web app Ability to disable email notifications when a message is sent.

PDF Printer ( Support for single sign-on (SSO) using SAML 2.0.

PDF Printer ( Fixed shared authentication issue with add-in for Outlook.

PDF Printer ( Fixed issue where user would receive an error if .NET 4.0 was installed, but not 4.5 was not. Note that Microsoft .NET 4.0 is still required.

Outlook add-in ( Added support for automatically expanding private distribution lists (aka Contact Groups).

Outlook add-in ( Added advanced option to disable saving protected messages in Sent folder. When this option is set, a copy will be sent to your Inbox.

Outlook add-in ( Improved error handling when a sent item cannot be saved in the Sent Items folder.

Outlook add-in ( Improved handling when a recipient unknowingly forwards the encrypted .prot attachment to an add-in user.

Outlook add-in ( Fixed an issue when using shared account and there is a .pst store in the Outlook profile.

Outlook add-in ( Fixed an issue when sending as a shared account with an ambiguous display name.

Outlook add-in ( Fixed an issue where Outlook could crash after signing in when free RAM is low or if .NET frequently performs garbage collection.