Managed Backup & Recovery

with Secure Offsite Cloud Storage

How much would it cost if your customer, accounting, product and other critical data is not accessible for an hour? A day? A week? Longer? What happens if your computers are stolen or lost in a disaster? How many days, weeks or months of data would be lost? What safeguards are in place in case data is accidentally deleted or files become corrupted with a virus?

What is Azure Backup?

Azure Backup is a simple and cost-effective backup as a service (BaaS) solution, that gives you trusted tools on-premises with rich and powerful tools in the cloud. It delivers strong protection for customer data wherever it resides—in your enterprise data center, remote and branch offices, or the public cloud—while being sensitive to the unique requirements these scenarios pose.

Azure Backup, in a seamless portal experience with Azure Site Recovery, gives you cost-efficiency and minimal maintenance, consistent tools for offsite backups and operational recovery, and unified application availability and data protection.

Why Azure Backup with Protected Trust?

Our team of experts with work with you to tailor a backup and disaster recovery plan to best suit your business’ needs, ensuring business continuity and minimum downtime. With Azure Backup bolstered by Protected Trust’s expertise, you can rest assured knowing your business’ data is fully protected and monitored 24/7 by our backup staff.

Protect your business from downtime with Azure Backup

High security and availability

Your backup data is highly secure in transit and at rest. The backup data is stored in geo-replicated storage, which maintains six copies of your data across two Azure datacenters. With 99.9% service availability, Backup gives you operational peace of mind.

Increase capacity, reduce costs

Keep pace with the exponential growth of your enterprise data while lowering deployment and management costs. With a low-cost, massively-scalable, tiered backup storage solution in the cloud, you’ll reduce forecasting risks while transforming capital expenditure commitments to a pay-as-you-go cloud model.

An efficient, flexible solution for your business

Backup is efficient over the network and on your disk. Once the initial seeding is complete, only incremental changes are sent at a defined frequency. Built-in features, such as compression, encryption, longer retention, and bandwidth throttling, help boost IT efficiency.