Better Business Solutions in the Cloud

Cloud computing has moved beyond its humble beginnings and today the cloud is a trusted IT infrastructure and software solution. The security and capabilities of the cloud have grown so much that it is now a lifeline to organizations across the spectrum- from government agencies to law firms. Businesses who transition to the cloud experience greater productivity, security, and cost savings.


With 99.95% (monthly) uptime, Microsoft Azure allows you to create and maintain highly connected applications, while freeing you of the anxiety that comes with hardware management.


Effortlessly manage your IT infrastructure. Microsoft Azure’s dynamic cloud services offer IT professionals the ability to create, implement, and supervise a variety of applications through a global network of datacenters.


The completely customizable platform offers businesses the ability to easily scale applications with seamless resource management based on your business’ needs.

It’s Time to Get That Server Out of The Closet and into The Cloud.

A Solution That Grows with Your Business

Pay for what you use. With Microsoft Azure, you can customize your platform to your exact needs. There is no one size fits all solution- with Microsoft Azure you are in charge of your data needs. Big capital investments in hardware and servers are a thing of the past when you move to Microsoft Azure. With cloud computing, you get the same great service of a physical server and the ability to plan your business expenses with ease. With Microsoft Azure, the anxiety around IT infrastructure is eliminated. No more downtime, no more upgrades- Azure’s reliability and scalability give your business space to grow.

Security That You Can Trust

Cloud computing is no longer new technology- today it is a tried and trusted solution for some of the most sensitive data in the world. 90% of Fortune 500 companies use the Microsoft cloud to store and protect their data. The Microsoft Azure security features offer you full control over your own data to manage identities, access, credentials, and more.

Microsoft also continuously monitors all of its servers, networks and applications to identify, prevent, and end threats. Your data is further protected in Azure with encryption during transmission and storage. Azure utilizes numerous encryption mechanisms, including SSL/TLS, IPsec, and AES and is the only public cloud platform to offer continuous security-health monitoring.

Compliance in The Cloud

If you think you can’t move to the cloud and still be compliant, think again. Protected Trust has years of experience working with businesses in highly regulated industries Click here to read about how Trio Health moved to the cloud while still ensuring the privacy of their patients, providers, and clients.

Azure offers over 50 compliance offerings making it one of the most comprehensive compliance solutions. Microsoft Azure is so trusted it has earned more certifications than any other cloud provider.