Wireless enterprise activation enables a user to remotely activate a handheld on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)without a physical network connection.  Users must ensure that they are in an area with sufficient wireless coverage when the wireless enterprise activation is attempted.
When a BlackBerry is enterprise activated a special email is sent from RIM (Research In Motion) to the users mailbox.  Elephants BES will pick up this message and within a few seconds begin the activation protocol, the users are authenticated, the BlackBerry security parameters are negotiated, and users can send and receive email messages.

Enterprise Activation Requirments:

1.  BlackBerry must be running BlackBerry OS 4.0 or higher.
2.  BlackBerry Device must be enabled with an enterprise data plan through the mobile carrier.
3.  The mailbox must be enabled for BlackBerry Enterprise Service through Web Admin (https://webadmin.elephantoutlook.com)
4.  The Enterprise Activation password must be set.
5.  The domain (xyz.com) must have (MX) records pointed to Elephant Outlook.

Common Troubleshooting Steps:

1.  Verify the mailbox is setup for use with the BES.  Administrators can activate mailboxes by logging into https://webadmin.elephantoutlook.com , locating the user’s mailbox and checking the mobile access tab.
2.  Verify the device is on the correct data plan with the carrier.  Most carriers have a BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) and BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Service) data plan for their BlackBerry customers.  It is common for the carrier to place the account on the wrong plan, causing the activation to fail.  The device must be on enterprise data plan with the carrier to use the enterprise service.
3.  Verify the correct activation password is used.  The one-time activation password is “elephant” (without the quotes)
4.  If you have an existing BlackBerry connected to Elephants enterprise servers and you acquire a new device, the activation password must be reset using http://webadmin.elephantoutlook.com .
5.  Verify the domains Mail eXchange (MX) records point to Elephant Outlook.  If your domains (MX) records do not point to Elephant Outlook, the initialization email sent from Research In Motion will not reach the mailbox.
6.  Verify 3rd party virus scanners are not catching the activation email sent by Research In Motion.  If your domain is NOT using Elephant Outlooks MX records the activation email may be caught up in a 3rd party message scrubbing system.
7.  Verify the activation email sent by Research In Motion is not being placed into your Junk Email folder.