Journaling is a compliance-focused service to copy the original e-mail messages that are sent or received by departments or individuals in organization, to and from recipients outside your organization, or both, for use in the organization’s e-mail retention or archival strategy.

Media Decryption Process:

Once the Protected Trust Journaling Solution is installed, the first step is to decrypt the files from the archive DVD.

– Insert the DVD Media into the drive
– Start the EojDecrypt application.  Start > Program Files > EojDecrypt
– Enter the path to the folder that contains the files that need to be Decrypted (All subfolders will be processed, as well.)
– Enter the path to the folder where the decrypted files should be written (Subfolders will be created automatically.)
– Enter the decryption key that is included in the archive binder
– Click “Decrypt”


After the files are decrypted, they can be viewed and exported with the applications in the Protected Trust Journaling Solution. In order to enable searching, the path to the decrypted files must be included in the “Included Locations” list for the indexer.

In Vista, open the “Indexing Options” Control Panel applet and click Modify.  Either add the path of the decrypted data by selecting it in the folder tree or verify that the path is within an already selected folder. Click OK

Note: Rebuilding the index is not necessary unless the toolkit is installed after the files are decrypted and the search path is modified.