The Keep Messages option allows you to choose the number of days to keep email messages on the BlackBerry smartphone.  After this period of time, email messages are automatically removed from the BlackBerry smartphone. Email messages removed from the BlackBerry smartphone (using the Keep Messages option) are not removed from the following:

1.  The BlackBerry smartphone user’s integrated email account (if using the BlackBerry® Internet Service)
2.  The messaging and collaboration server (if using a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server)

To change this option, complete the following steps:

On the BlackBerry smartphone, open the Messages application.
Open the menu and select Options.
Select General Options.
Scroll to the field labeled Keep Messages.
Open the menu and select Change Option.
Change the value to the number of days to keep email messages on the BlackBerry smartphone.

Note: If you change this setting and you would like to remove the previous email messages, go to the day you would like them removed from, press the menu key and select Delete Prior.  Otherwise, email messages that were on the BlackBerry smartphone when the option for Keep Email Messages Forever was set will remain on the BlackBerry smartphone.