You may experience message failures with the error “Message Refused” under the following conditions:

1.  When you enterprise activate, it returns the error, “Data Connection Refused.”
2.  When you send email from the handheld, it fails. When you open the message; the Status shows “Service Blocked.”
3.  On the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), the user stats of the last transaction is “Refused by handheld.”
4.  The Phone can make and receive phone calls, but data services do not function.
5.  Can make/receive phone calls.
6.  Cannot browse the Internet.
7.  Cannot send/receive email.
8.  When you try to send an email, it fails.
9.  Cannot enterprise activate phone or communicate with BES.

Then your phone is not provisioned correctly by the carrier. The phone and the data communications use different services the phone works with the SIM card – like any other GSM phone.

SCENARIO 1: Data communications, are used by the BlackBerries identify each other and the BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) using a PIN number. It is possible to have the phone working, but the PIN could be deactivated resulting in no data communication.
RESOLUTION: Call the Service Provider to check and have the PIN activated and able to receive data service.

SCENARIO 2: Another common scenario is that you are able to access the Internet on your phone, but are unable to connect to the BES.
RESOLUTION: Call the Service Provider and verify you are using a “BlackBerry Enterprise Data Plan” for use with your corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Server.