NOTE: Please review all steps listed below before attempting to Enterprise Activate your device.

Data Plan:
Verify that your device has a “Blackberry Enterprise Data Plan” from the mobile carrier before activating.  Without the correct data plan the device will NOT Enterprise Activate.

BES Account:
Verify that your mailbox has been enabled for use with Elephant Outlook BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Service).

Wireless Coverage:
Verify that your handheld wireless radio is on and that you are in an area of wireless coverage.

Receiving Email:
Verify the mailbox can receive e-mail from the internet. It can take up to 4 hours for a newly created address to accept mail from the internet.

Enterprise Activation

1.  From the device go to Options > Advanced Options Enterprise Activation
NOTE:  Torch users go to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings Enterprise Activation
NOTE:  If you do not see the Enterprise Activation option on your device, contact your carrier and verify you are on the correct data plan.  They may need to “resend your service books” to make this option available.

2.  Type your primary corporate email address: (press the space key for an “@” symbol and again for “.”)

3.  Type the special activation password: elephant  The activation password is specific to enterprise activation and times out after 48 hours or five (5) unsuccessful password entry attempts on the handheld.  This password can be reset by your administrator through or by sending an email

4.  Click the Menu button

5.  Select Activate

6.  The device will respond with Verifying encryption keys…then it will start to download service books.  Depending on the size of your mailbox it can take up to an hour or more to complete.
NOTE: If you do not receive the message Verifying encryption keys, review the related Knowledge Base article Troubleshooting BlackBerry Enterprise Activation issues.

7.  You will receive a message when the activation is complete.