Protected Trust loves the Microsoft Surface. We use them as our main work device and as devices go for getting work done, we’ve come to recommend them to our customers for a broad array of applications. We even have a massive 84” Surface Hub in our office that we use for everything from collaboration to presentation.

With the recent introduction of Microsoft 365, Surface has grown from a nice-to-have solution to a powerful software/hardware combination that not only enhances business capabilities but also saves time and money versus traditional workstations with a managed IT solution. Best of all, with Surface as a Service and Microsoft 365 there is no upfront software and hardware costs, just one low monthly fee per user. Your hardware and software are always up to date with no additional expense.

A new way of doing IT

We often say we’re a cloud-first company, but it’s probably more accurate to say we’re cloud architects. Moving businesses into a cloud configured for their needs that untethers their business to the physical world. We make businesses invincible. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can access your individual user and keep getting work done, no matter what happens.

Microsoft 365 (not to be confused with just Office 365) is Windows, Office, security and workstation management all in one. Instead of buying all of these things and updating them occasionally, you pay a monthly fee and everything is always up to date (which is the most secure way to run your business). It’s what allows you to not just keep your file server in the cloud, but each individual user workstation as well. Setup properly, it can give even small businesses enterprise-grade device management that any business can use.

Why Surface versus all the other workstation options?

Microsoft products work on practically any device used to get work done these days. However, the Surface is the only device made by Microsoft developed alongside Windows and Office 365. New features and updates always work on Surface, because it’s the same company. One way of looking at it is Microsoft leveraging the same sort of product consistency and control that Apple has for so long, but with a much more powerful operating system.  It’s the best way to get the best of both worlds: Apple’s “everything just works” magic combined with the versatility and broad market penetration of Windows. They are far and away the easiest devices to deploy using Microsoft 365.

Imagine if you can..

IT becoming something you can mostly do yourself. Imagine bringing on a new hire is as easy as setting up a Microsoft 365 user for them, handing them a Surface and their Microsoft login, and the employee being able to take it from there? No more disk images, all your business’s application install automatically once the user logs in. No buying them a new workstation or a license of Office, just adding a low monthly fee you can plan for. No paying for an upgrade once their machine is obsolete or paying for Windows every time an updated version comes out.

Surface as a Service is a new way to continually outfit your company with the latest hardware and software without large outlays of cash every few years. More than just financial convenience, always running the latest hardware and software defends from most cyberthreats (since every major cyber attack for years has exploited out of date hardware or software). It’s also critical to your business staying competitive.

If something, anything goes wrong or just doesn’t make sense, we’re here 24/7/365 to help you get back up and running.

Surface as a Service and Microsoft 365 really is a complete IT solution for most businesses. We make file servers a thing of the past and provide a complete solution for workstations.

If you want to learn more about the Surface as a Service with Microsoft 365 Ingram and Steve discussed it in this week’s livestream: